Tori Stepanek

Studying atmospheric science at Mizzou was the beginning of a great career for Tori. Now, as a Meteorologist for KOMU, she enjoys being a part of this great community.  She takes to heart her role in helping people plan their day and stay safe.

When she’s not at the station, you can probably find her rehearsing for a musical somewhere in Mid-MO. Music and theater and have been a part of her life since the age of 10.  We’re thrilled that she’s exploring a new art form with us this year!

Scott Shade


To be announced soon


Scott is Associate Creative Director at Woodruff and teaches adjunct graphic design classes at Stephens College and MU. Growing up with an artist for a mom taught him to appreciate detail and creative process. Scott enjoys landscape photography, and will rise early, stay late, or wait all day for that perfect shot.  Being in that place when the light hits just right is priceless, a moment unlike any other, and worth all the effort.  This devotion to quality shines through in all his creative endeavors.