Jacob & Beth

Jacob & Beth Halls are considered experts in the alcohol beverage industry as they are the founders of Convergence Consulting Group.  Along with their team, they work with variety of wineries, distilleries, breweries, distributors, bars and restaurants all over the world.  In addition, Jacob is the founder of the SECraft Beer Fest and Beth coordinates the local charities that benefit from funds raised at this yearly event.  Being experts in their fields keeps them quite busy, not to mention their growing family.  They are the proud parents of 5 beautiful children.

Chris Heston




In 1995 Chris wanted to make his mark in the world by creating something that would be around for a long time,so he opened Traditions in Woodworking.  Chris is known for creating pieces that are made specifically for clients with an eye for detail.  In addition, Chris uses wood that has been harvested by companies with lofty standards for forestry and the environment. After his son was born, Chris decided to expand his mark on the world.  He developed his second company, Timberwork Toys. Chris describes the wooden toys as, “A high-end, all-American-made toy.  I took the log toy and improved upon it. I made some innovations to it that allows you to build a log house and wheels and locking connectors.”

Johnny Eaker




Johnny Eaker is the co-founder of Cosmic Sauce.   He and his partner create high quality, engaging videos for companies/brands, that do not make the viewer feel as if they are watching a commercial.  Johnny utilizes social media strategies to get results for his clients.  He has worked with a variety of clients (non-profit, corporate, and commercial).  Johnny has directed and produced many award-winning video productions.  When he is not busy behind the camera, he enjoys the local hangouts of Columbia and spending time with his wife and children.