Josh Oxenhandler

Josh Oxenhandler was born in Columbia and continues to defiantly make his stand here. Josh owns a law firm, Oxenhandler Law, located in the heart of downtown. He practices law with his father, Gary. Josh is an avid sportsman in the Whistlepig Sport Club, regularly playing volleyball, handball and tennis. He loves to make and buy art and his true passion is supporting the arts community in Columbia. Josh has painted under the tutelage of Paul Jackson for many years.


An artist, a businessman, a teacher and a jeweler - Kenneth Greene, owner of Monarch Jewelery plays many roles. He’s been making jewelry for decades and has had a presence in town since 1979. He creates custom pieces and restores jewelry for customers.

“Most people try to make more of it than it is. It’s just doing something,” he said. “Art is about making decisions. That’s creativity. It’s not rocket science.”


Since founding Tiny Attic Productions in 2012, Chelsea Myers has worked as a visual storyteller for a diverse range of projects and clients. She fills the roles of director, producer, editor, illustrator, cinematographer and animator. Tiny Attic is based in Columbia, Missouri, but the team creates documentaries regionally and around the world.